Conduct of meeting

Organisation of NationalConference of the ISPN [ISPNCON]

Background: The national conference of ISPN is conducted annually at the end ofcalendar year(November or December).The conference usually attracts attention of not only pediatric nephrologists and trainees but also pediatricians and adult nephrologists. Currently, there is no formal process of expression of interest in hosting the conference or in the allotment of conference to various cities represented by ISPN members. Usually, the decision to allot the hosting rights are decided 1-2 year in advance during the GBM conducted at the time of ISPN. Following the discussion in GBM, consensus is obtained among the attendees in case more than one city is interested in hosting the conference. However, while selecting a host centre, certain criteria need to be considered to ensure uniformity and avoiding bias.

1. Expression of interest to host conference

  • ISPN life members from any city are eligible to apply for hosting the national conference if meeting the following criteria.

    Connectivity and infrastructure
    The host city will have to well connected to other cities by direct air travel, or railways. In case the city does not have an airport, the travel by road/train from nearest airport should not be longer than 6 hours.

    There should be adequate facility to organise the conference in terms of space and accommodation for faculty and delegates at reasonable cost and availability of local transport.It is preferred that all meeting space is on one level or in proximity, including scientific and general sessions and exhibit/poster areas.

    Organizing team
    Applicants should submit a tentative organizing committee comprising of at least 5 members with chairperson and organizing secretary. The chairperson and organizing secretaryshould be active ISPN membersfor at least 5 years.

2.Bidding Process

  • ISPN will invite separate application for hostingoftwo consecutive annual ISPN conferences 6 months prior to AGM every year.
    Applicants are expected to discuss with their respective teams regarding holding the proposed ISPN conference in the following years and prepare the application. The application should be endorsed by two senior ISPN members, not necessarily belonging to host city.
    The submitted bids will then be scrutinised by ISPN executive committee for completeness.
    The shortlisted applicants will be invited to present during the GBM including a preliminary scientific programme, tentative budget and proposed plan to raise funds to host the meeting.
    The selection of host will be decided during GBM through a consensus approach.

3. Rotation Policy

  • The host cities whenever possible will be rotated among the five zones – north, south, east, west, and central zone of India
    The city should not have hosted an annual conference of ISPN in the 3 years preceding the application.
    In the event of some unforeseeable difficulty or crisis, and if the host for the immediate next year is unable to organise the proposed national ISPN conference, it will have to be intimated to the ISPN committee 6 months in advance.

4. Organizational structure and general schedule of ISPN conference

  • The President of the ISPN, with the Executive Committee and Chair/Secretary of local organizingcommittee, havethe overall responsibility for the conference.
    The scientific program of the conferencewill be the responsibility of scientic committee which will consist of members from organizing committee and the academic committee of ISPN.

    The general schedule for the meeting will be as follows:
    Day 1 Workshop (Maximum 2 parallel workshops)
    Day 2 Scientific sessions morning and afternoon, GBM, congress dinner
    Day 3 Scientific sessions morning and afternoon
    There should be a dedicated session for oral research presentations as well as for poster presentations.
    Workshop or dedicated symposia for allied health care professionals (renal nurses, HD and PD technicians/nurses) may also be included.

5. Funds for the conference

  • It will be the responsibility of the local organizing team to raise the required funds for organizing the conference. A 25% of the surplus of the proceeds of the conference will be remitted to ISPN within a year form the date of conference along with an audited utilization certificate and statement of expenditure.